The Goals of RFSL Regnbågen

Om ossRFSL
  •  To promote the sense of community among deaf people who use sign language, hearing impaired and sign language-using LGBTQ people since the group is a linguistic minority.
  • That the sign language-using LGBTQ group should be able to access information in their language, sign language, about the LGBTQ community on the same terms as hearing people.
  • That LGBTQ people who use sign language should have the same opportunities to, on their linguistic terms, take part in the political issues within RFSL.
  • To monitor the sign language-using LGBTQ group’s interests and improve their standard of living in both the LGBTQ society and the deaf society.
  • To strengthen the LGBTQ competency in organisations, authorities, associations and schools that affect deaf people.
  • To spread and enlighten RFSL that deaf people shouldn’t be seen as a group of disabled people, but also as a group with its own cultural and linguistic belonging.